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Who are we?

We are regular folks just like you, who love great quality clothes at pocket friendly prices. FX situation has made our favorite imported brands quite expensive, and we know that we have the resources to make great shirts for the discerning man. We had to come up with a convenient way of getting fashionable, well-fitting outfits to you.

We are competitive, we want to be the best that it’s possible to be. So, we’re always searching for great materials. Analyzing our customer service. Expanding our fit options. Refining our UX.

We aspire to build a leading menswear brand. This is about more than technical metrics. Style matters. Taste matters. The people that help you with your purchase matter. It’s the feeling you get when you touch our products or browse our site. Our brand is driven by who we are. As designers, entrepreneurs, and as friends living and working in Lagos. We stand behind our products. We take pride in what we do. We hope you will too.

Why should you choose

We believe that menfolk should be able to afford quality garments at reasonable prices.

Usually, shirts and suits are made in bulk, and shipped to retailers, who then increase the prices, sometimes by up to 300%! We however bye-pass the retailers, and pass you huge savings.

Bespoke means custom made for you, and designed by you to your specifications! You choose the material, style, and even buttons using your measurements. Meaning you don’t have to make alterations, or have exactly same thing with half of the office.

We also make our shirts in Nigeria, and hope you believe in patronizing quality made in Nigeria goods to make our economy better.

Need some styling suggestions?

Visit our style blog over here, for advice on designs, choice of materials and how to take care of your clothes.

The Perfect Look

Create the perfect look for your custom dress shirt. Every detail, from the collar style to the cuff fabric to the thread color, is customized to your heart's content so that the dress shirt embodies your own distinctive style.

The Perfect Fit

With our custom tailoring option, you can specify key measurements and have your dress shirt made to fit you just right. There is a special feeling in wearing a perfect fitting dress shirt, one that every man must experience.

The Perfect Match

Our customization platform lets you create dress shirts that look and fit exceptionally well. And when you order dress shirts at Bespoke.Ng, you get highly dedicated people making great shirts and providing great service.