Why should I choose custom made?
Custom made essentially means designed by you and made for you. The design of the garment from the fabric to the buttons are made to your specifications using your measurements. This means no more spending money on expensive alterations, worrying about having the same suit as everyone in the office BUT also knowing you have something unique and tailored to you.

I need some style advice, can you help?
Check out our Fashion Blog for everything you need to know when it comes to Tailor Made menswear and fashion. For instant advice, simply get in touch with us here and one of our Style Consultants will get back to you!

How do I order a Suit or Shirt?
Bespoke.ng offers a number of ways to order a garment. You can; Design your shirt or suit from scratch, Order an existing design from our Collections Page OR Adjust a garment from the Collections Page to your preferences.

How do I start designing a garment?
To begin designing a garment just click here.

Do I have to design a garment? Can I purchase a pre-designed one?
Certainly. Please visit our collections page to check out all of our pre-designed garments. You can choose to purchase these items as you see them, alter them slightly or change them all together; it’s up to you! Just visit the collections page!

I like one of the garments in the Collections page but I would like to change it slightly, can I do this?
Of course you can! If you would like to alter an existing garment to suit your taste, then simply visit our Collections Page, select the Product, click ‘View Detail’ and then ‘Start Customising’.

I’m not what you call a traditional build, will my shirt/suit still fit me?
Yes, our Bespoke.ng Suits and Shirts are made exactly to your body specifications. In order to assist us, please ensure you select your appropriate body type in the Measurement section.

Can I really measure myself accurately?
Honestly, Yes! It is not a difficult process at all. InStitchu’s step-by-step measurement process is designed in a way that anyone can accurately measure themselves, with the help of a friend, in 10 minutes. Our instructions, photos and videos will guide you through the process. Follow our online sizing guide or print off a measurement form and email it back to us.

How long does the process take to measure myself?
It will take you about 10 minutes to complete the measurement process. Once you’ve finished, your measurements are saved to your profile so you can just login, design and buy.

What if I am still unsure if my measurements are correct?
If you are unsure about the measurements you have taken just let us know. Our team will double-check all of your provided measurements, before commencing work on your garment. We will then contact you directly if we believe your measurements are not correct.

If you are still are unsure, then send us an email at contact@bespoke.ng and we can assist you with any of your measurement concerns.

Is it possible to get measured by a tailor?
Yes, print off the measurement form and take it a tailor of your choice. Please make sure the tailor follows our measurement instructions, as these may be slightly different to their normal measurement process.

How can I get in touch with Bespoke.ng?
We can be reached via email or phone here. Visit our Contact Us Page for further details.

How can I connect with Bespoke.ng through social media?
You can either become a fan on our Facebook Page, or follow “Bespoke.ng” on Instagram, or @bespoke.ng on twitter. Additionally, subscribe to our mailing list by creating an Account, for exclusive access to our rewards programs and promotions.

I have a special request that doesn’t appear on your website, can you help me?
We sure can. Just send us an email via the Contact Us link on the website and we will liaise with you to create your ideal piece of clothing. We have lots of different customization options that are not listed on our website!

Can I arrange a Corporate Booking for my office?
Yes! If you are interested in making a Corporate Booking, contact us via the Booking form and we will contact you to arrange the booking. Our Bespoke.ng Style Consultants will then visit you, show you fabric samples, measure you and help you design your suit/shirt. We will offer 1 FREE shirt to the person who organizes and attends the corporate booking with a minimum of 10 people.

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